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Foot fetish is one of the most popular types of fetishes in the world. Millions of people love to watch videos with feet in the main role and they value when their partner has got sexy feet. I am one of those guys, who just couldn’t live without a proper dose of feet each day. What exactly do I have in mind? Well, if you want to know my story, in this short article you will be familiarized with my own beginnings with foot fetish and the reasons why I keep going back to these amazing times, where I initially started to like barefoot videos.

As I already told you guys, this post will not make my blog any more different. I will just provide you with some extra info about me. Why did it all start? What made me like barefoot porns and shots in movies with sexy feet? Well, I can say that it’s all started one day on holidays when I was on the beach. I never liked sunbathing or participating in any activities by the sea. However, once I saw a beautiful girl, whose feet were so gorgeous, so amazing, I just couldn’t help myself but stare. Because of that I was a regular visitor on that beach, hoping I can admire other marvels of nature. Since that moment I knew this is something more than just love for watching barefoot ladies.

I started to look for movies with sexy feet, where I can take a look at them as long as I want and as you can imagine, it doesn’t take long for me to find foot fetish porn videos. These kind of videos showed me why I love barefoot so much. However, some of you may think that fetishes are wrong and it shouldn’t supposed to exist in normal, everyday world. This is not true and let me explain why. Fetishes is something very popular these days. We can distinguish two types of them – those, which are wrong and involve pathological tendencies, and those, which can be named as strong preferences. Foot fetish is definitely the type of preference with positive tone. It is because our preferences we can define ourselves in our sex life. So, I am proud to love watching sexy feet because this is the way I can express myself. This is something I love in women, especially in my loved one 🙂

People think that foot fetish is wrong because it is fetish, but if I were to be honest, the best way to find out whether strong preference for barefoot videos, barefoot sex or any other contact with sexy feet makes you weird, is by getting to know that fetish. You will understand then that it is yet another way of expressing your feelings. If you feel like sharing some other fetishes with us, make sure to leave a comment. I’d appreciate some feedback from you guys 🙂